Monthly Archives: September 2013

hawt happenings: ny fashion week (as told by the newly rehabbed Paul Reid Johnson Calderon #soberlife)

to quote, rather fittingly, F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s Gatsby, fashion week came & went like a chic moth “among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars.”  having been doing this for the past seven years now, i’ve learned to pick and choose my battles.  no need to over extend oneself on what–aside from the amazing

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profile: emily gellis of emily cho handbags

what’s the recipe for a super rad handbag line? 1 part fashionista + 2 parts young entrepreneurial chicas + 1 part a really unique design idea = Emily Cho handbags. fashion lover, emily gellis partnered with designer sj cho to create this fab line in 2010, which has the deuxmoi gals going gaga (ew not lady gaga…she’s so beat) over

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