Monthly Archives: March 2015

the pro’s 411…juliette

it’s like the VIP rooms of laundry businesses…an exclusive, invitation-only mobile app that offers a premium laundry delivery service while you sleep. JULIETTE will pick up your dirty duds every night at 10PM, and clean clothes will be delivered to your doorstep by 6AM. they never outsource and will treat stains, hand wash, hand dry…you name it,

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profile: melissa tavss of tipsy scoop

let’s be honest, we all love any excuse to booze. it’s a three day weekend…let’s drink! your favorite team made the playoffs…let’s drink! it’s your best friend’s baby shower…let’s drink! now you can take your love of libations to a whole new level with Tipsy Scoop liquor-infused ice cream. inspired by classic and contemporary cocktails,

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the pro’s 411…blind item #2, bi-curious george

Bi-Curious George before he became a part time oscar winning actor slash part time rocker, this almost famous supposed ladies man was spotted macking on a certain d-list reality tv star in nyc. the two were seen talking very close during a party at milk studios. after chatting for a few, George and said reality star started eating

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