ask sam #toughlove…amy, nyc

Dear Sam,

Have you ever seen Breaking Bad? Okay so now, lets say, hypothetically, your boyfriend was a drug dealer, on the same level as Walter White, except he doesn’t sell Meth (gross, he isn’t a dirty hillbilly), he sells weed. Okay, so now lets say that he supports you and that you haven’t had to pay for anything in a long time-rent, cars, clothes, food, you get the point. Would you stay, even if it meant being an accessory to a felony? I’m very confused because I am in love but jailhouse orange just really isn’t my color. Should I stay with my man, or should I break things off? What would you do?

Amy, NYC


Dear Amy,

Get your shit together. You already know the answer to your question. Love yourself. Is this what you deserve?

PS: Before you break up can you get me a quarter ounce of hydro? #knowyourworth