ask sam #toughlove…christina, la

Dear Sam,

My boyfriend wants a threesome, one day. It’s not a threat nor is it a requirement, but I see in his eyes that its a fantasy to have with me and another girl (something he has done before). I love him and would like to please him, but I don’t like sharing my men nor do I want to touch a pussy with a 10 foot pole.

What do I do?

Christina, Los Angeles


Dear Christina,

I want to fuck George Clooney as he’s sings ‘Back That Thing Up’, dressed head to toe in Game Of Thrones attire while Peter Dinklage licks my nipples but… it’s just a fantasy.

If your guy loves and respects you, he’s going to make you feeling secure and loved his number one priority, so if you’re not down with three’s company, he’ll be satisfied just fantasizing about you going down on some chick (named Janet.) Having said that, if he is telling you that threesomes are something that he absolutely needs in order to be in a thriving relationship, then you know this isn’t the right man for you. Never compromise your gut or your vagina for that matter.

Sidenote: If you do plan on going for it, make sure you don’t know the other party and that you’ll NEVER see her again. (Cousins should definitely be off limits, trust me.)