hawt happenings: ny fashion week (as told by the newly rehabbed Paul Reid Johnson Calderon #soberlife)

to quote, rather fittingly, F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s Gatsby, fashion week came & went like a chic moth “among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars.”  having been doing this for the past seven years now, i’ve learned to pick and choose my battles.  no need to over extend oneself on what–aside from the amazing collections that i saw–amounts to nothing more than a whirlwind of air kisses and tipsy assistants and interns eager to please their overly disillusioned editors.  luckily for me, not only did i avoid the insipid cheap fast talk of the “scene,” and hectic comings and goings of a faceless herd of “this one” and “that one,” but i was able to filter out my fashion week to reconnect with those people in the industry who truly care about the craft and artistry that goes into the collections.  to avoid sounding disgruntled and morose, i have to admit, i had quite a bit of fun floating, as if weightless, through the hullabaloo of it all.

i started my fashion week off properly at Milk Studios–which, in the span of a few years, has totally dominated the industry.  i ran into my buddy, and Milk owner, Mazdack Rassi, backstage at the Ohne Titel show where MAC makeup artists feverishly prepared skinny, yet colossal models.  let’s just say, i’m 6’1 and when some of those bitches put on their heels, i felt about the size of a church mouse. the show was phenomenal, and i got to meet Bergdorf Goodman‘s delightfully sweet, chic, and entertaining Linda Fargo–when we posed for a photo together and she told me i how skinny i was and tickled me, i nearly fainted!  i also met Refinery 29′s dapper and super chill Spencer Mandell, and sat (front row, of course) next to Marissa Collections Hannah Fouts, whom i asked advice regarding whether or not my hat was a good look– she liked it!  the show was sexy and chic without trying hard to be either.  it was also wonderful seeing my friend, PR powerhouse, Levi Pharaoh.

later that evening, i went out to show support for my friend Stevie Boi who debuted his latest collection, LEATHER.  most know Stevie Boi from the work he’s done with the likes of Lady Gaga and, low and behold, Gaga muse, Rico Zombie, was the star of the show.  i sat next to former Calvin Klein lover Nick Gruber and his girlfriend–yes, that’s right kiddos, there’s something for everyone going on there–who had me in stitches squawking over how exhausting fashion week was becoming. i also got the opportunity to meet energetic Tumbler & Tipsy designer, Michael Kuluva.  when the night was no longer young– but, indeed, quite long in the tooth– new york’s gliterati headed down to chinatown’s Le Baron for nightlife impresario, Tommy Saleh‘s “New York, New York” party celebrating fashion week.  i felt so awful for the undesirables lining up in the hundreds outside trying to get in!

the following day, i met up with Reece Hudson‘s Max Stein at their CFDA offices to pick up the heart clutch (or, in my case, “mlutch”), which i’ve been eyeing for ages created by designer Reece Solomon. i literally cannot put it down!

for my next fashion week experience, i chose to lighten my load to the fullest, skipping all shows and heading only to Town & Country‘s Men of Measure fete at Bergdorf Goodman. there i immediately ran into the ever-dapper Sam Dangremond, who introduced me to Thomas C. Cary of The Cary Collection— rare books and fine art– who looked equally dapper and made for great conversation.  as party-goers swirled around me, doing their intricate dance of “working the room,” i spotted T & C Mag’s Ash Carter; caught up with new mommy Gillian Hearst; joked around with Digital Editor and fashion maven, Micaela English; chatted it up with my dear friend, supermodel, and DJ extraordinaire, Alexandra Richards— who kept the party live doing her thing on the turn tables, flanked by Ralph Lauren‘s Paul Avarali and fellow DJ, Brendan Fallis.  i also got the chance to catch up with hottie fashion photographer Douglas Friedman, Robert Verdi, Jack Yeaton, stylist J. Logan Horne and, of course, the man of the hour, Town & Country Editor in Chief, Jay Fielden. all this while Neil Rasmus of Billy Farrell Agency snapped away, capturing the evening. exhausted, i headed home forgoing all after parties to spend the night in bed with my two favorite men… Ben and Jerry.

flash forward to hip young designer, Michael Kuluva’s Tumbler & Tipsy show at Style 360, which was beyond epic (see photos below).  there, i got to catch up with my dear friends Richie Rich, Baby Chic, Perez Hilton, and Johnny Weir.

the next afternoon, i met up with Richie & Baby Chic for lunch with Vera Wang‘s Dennis Johnson, and Mauvais Garçons Creative Director Autumn Reed— talk about a hoot, i love them all! afterward, i bumped into the amazing Phyllis Leibowitz and artist, Richard Haines— both whom i absolutely adore and totally made my day. then, i Uber‘d it downtown to The Barbarian Agency‘s presentation of the ultra-chic and super versatile line, Kai-aakmann, where I chatted up fashion publicist Johann Cuervo, who walked me through the amazing collection.

in a nutshell, keeping it simple made New York Fashion Week not only tolerable, but fun and exciting. it was wonderful to reconnect with old friends and see fancy, familiar faces.  now, all of the psychos and insomniacs (aka every editor and stylist ever) are on their way to the european shows… i’ll keep it real and stick to my own turf: living, loving, breathing, and writing about New York Fuckin’ City!


backstage @ Ohne Titel @ Milk

finale @ Ohne Titel


Nick Gruber & PJC @ Stevie Boi


PJC’s beloved Reece Hudson “mlutch”


PJC & Alexandra Richards @ Town & Country fete


PJC power lunching it with Richie Rich & Baby Chic


Tumbler & Tipsey @ Style 360


looks from Kai-aakmann