profile: andrea linett; YOU will want to be her

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maybe it was alyssa milano in an episode of who’s the boss donning a pastel blue esprit number or jennifer love hewitt looking innocent in overalls in i know what you did last summer or miley cyrus pre her transformation into a lecherous wild child…despite which generation claimed your adolescence, gals from l.a. to arkansas always had, needed and revered that inspirational chick. whether it was an actress, your older sister, your babysitter, your best friend’s older sister or your camp counselor–YOU wanted to be her.

now take that admiration and fast forward it about fifteen years and that’s how we feel about Andrea Linett, who wrote a book about the exact feeling you get when you spot a gal who you head-to-toe want to simulate. I Want To Be Her!, which Andrea describes as “a love letter to anyone who has ever made me do a double take and wish that i could be in her shoes”, documents the women who have influenced her own SICK style.

Andrea’s love for fashion might have been founded in the women whose flair she applauds, but her impressive career is a sole testament to her own unique style. starting as a receptionist for sassy magazine (if you were born in the mid eighties you are probably unfamiliar with this mag…let’s put it this way…it was the birthplace of flannel and dr. martens), Andrea later became the fashion/beauty editor for sassy before becoming a freelance stylist then a fashion writer at harper’s bazaar. in 2000 Andrea co-founded lucky magazine where her eponymous column “fashion babble” was created (see below). we were and still are HUGE fans of this column where Andrea so graciously spilled on everything and anything badass that was worth owning based on whatever moment she was feeling at that time (again…see below…yes, we kept every tear sheet of “fashion babble” from the early 2000’s…yes, we are dorks). after ten years at lucky, Andrea joined ebay fashion as its first-ever creative director, subsequently she became the vp global creative director at michael kors.

in addition to authoring I Want to Be Her!, Andrea also coauthored The Lucky Shopping Manual and The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style. today Andrea is a creative director and brand consultant, I Want To Be Her! is now a legit website and she most recently launched a clothing and accessory line called JOLIE/laide (see chic tee and bag below).

bow down bitches because this super rad gal, who WE want to be let us in on all her favs below (we already ordered samples of her fav scent to try out–hello single white female)…also go to and and  for all things Andrea…

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andrea’s favorites:

alasdair is my new favorite, martin margiela, dries van noten, maria cornejo, vivien ramsay, tenthousandthings and james colarusso jewelry

shoe designer:
margiela, no. 6 clogs, birkenstocks, i love rick owens shoes (boots, mostly)

handbag designer :
i have so many bags from patagonia to classic louis vuitton and balenciaga. lately i just carry my Jolie/laide tote or military bag.

t-shirt designer:
JOLIE/laide, american vintage, fine collection

sneaker brand:
i only wear them to work out and they’re adidas

escentric 01 and molecule 01 by escentric molecules, l’artisan mure de musc and bigelow patchouli

beauty products: (side note: she gave really good answers we wrote it in list format…)
anything by josie maran, especially her tinted moisturizer and illuminizer
kjaer weis cream blush in desired glow
j.r. ligget’s hair soap (totally unglamorous, but great nonetheless)
dr. hauschka translucent bronze concentrate (i mix it in the the josie maran products to create the perfect glow)
masterbraider braid and wave spray and shiny dancer silicone-free shine and heat protection from the how-to hair girl
shu uemura essence absolue oil-in cream
guerlain terracotta is the best powder bronzer
i always need aquaphor around
i’m addicted to city lips plumping gloss
dr. gross alpha beta glow pads for the body. the most natural-looking fake tan ever.

nail color:
i don’t usually wear nail color but i’ve been known to do one coat of essie big dipper or jin soon tulle on my toes. and for a really fancy occasion i’ll do a dark red like nars chinatown on my toes.

hair salon:
headdress — the anessa, the owner, cuts my hair. she’s so great with layers.

vacation spot:
tulum, st. barts, paris

the four seasons and palihouse in l.a., hotel costes in paris (even though it’s a scene, i still love it and the food is so simple and delicious), the covent garden hotel and the charlotte street hotel in london.

emilio’s ballato, i sodi, gene’s, cafe fiat, antonioni’s, tre and il cantinori in nyc, madeo in l.a. (can you tell i like italian food?). for something other than italian, i like cafe mogador, butcher’s daughter and jack’s wife freda in ny. and bond st sushi is pretty yummy even though the atmosphere is kind of slick and clubby.

british vogue, living etc.

housewarming gift:
anything from love, adorned

the original hotel costes one


foot massages and good shoes

7 questions with Andrea:

who is your hollywood crush?
always bob dylan, robert plant and after i saw django unchained and inside llewyn davis i developed crushes on jamie foxx and oscar isaac. clearly i don’t really have a type!

how would you describe your style?
i always say untucked glamour, but maybe a little more untucked than glamorous. always as casual as i can get away with a pinch of hippie thrown in.

what is your secret obsession?
all my obsessions are out in the open

what was your childhood nickname?
my mom called me Cookie. my closest friends and husband call me Ange.

biggest turn on:
it sounds so cliche, but confidence (not to be confused with cockiness or glibness) and humor are the two biggest.

(fill in this sentence) i would just about do anything for
a foot massage