profile: ashley longshore, artist

it’s no secret that the deuxmoi gals are OBSESSED with the goddess of glastonbury & marlboro lights and the high priestess of prada & terror (that would be kate moss and anna wintour, respectively, natch). so when we chanced upon pop-artist Ashley Longshore’s Fashion Icons Collection of paintings featuring kate and anna we knew we HAD to profile this babe.

Ashley, who has been compared to andy warhol by town & country magazine, exudes a plucky and eccentric demeanor that is unrivaled in today’s contemporary art world. with paintings that read “who the fuck is molly?” and “fuck the soho house”, this gangsta fairy is not afraid to mock the pop culture world she depicts (and we live for it!!!!!). from lines of glitter cocaine to jesus surrounded in louis vuitton, each of ashley’s paintings are equal parts, thought provoking, and delightfully shocking. see our fav from her Who The Fuck Do You Think You Are? series; a portrait of abraham lincoln wearing a shirt that is scribed with “who the fuck is jay z” (fuck yes abe!).

Ashley’s latest endeavor, entitled Selfie Project; “You Are A Work of Art”, is taking on society’s critical view of the ‘selfie’. instead of being seen as a self absorbed, pretentious display (thanks kim kardashian), Ashley wants us to see the art of taking selfies as an expression of self confidence and the radiance of one’s soul. Ashley finds her subjects on instagram and facebook, asking her fans and followers to submit their most unique and over the top selfie for a chance to be chosen as part of her study. in the end this series will include Ashley’s replica of each selfie on 500 different canvases to be installed as one massive wall of beautiful shinning radiant faces…yeah you urban hippie, SICK idea!!!

besides Ashley’s mazin’ paintings, she has had major collaborations with chloe, anthropologie and blake lively’s website www.preserve.comand besides blake, Ashley’s other famous collectors include eli manning, salma hayek, penelope cruz and katherine heigl…and besides all that, the deauxmoi gals think that Ashley is a kick-ass chick that obvi knows what’s up. see some of Ashley’s work and find out more about her below…follow @ashleylongshoreart on instagram for a good time and daily doses of her art work…

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ashley’s favorites:
(i fucking love you guys deuxmoi)

artist of the 20th century:
alice neel

artist of the 21st century:
i love any artist who has the balls to represent themselves and not give 50% to a gallery…they’ve got my respect. it is the day of the artist to represent themselves. it is our time.

source of inspiration:
inspiration happens in a moment where you’re completely taken by surprise. it is a feeling when you’re mind has been absolutely turned on in a NEW way…to be inspired is a moment where you feel something completely new. there’s not a source from which one can constantly be inspired. it’s like drilling for oil or digging for gold…they may have a temporary spot to find it but it will dry up eventually. this is why it’s my job to travel and stay on the move…i’m constantly inspired and on the search for inspiration.

place to paint:
i love to paint anywhere where i have my easel and my supplies. the great thing about being an artist is i can paint anywhere…i just need a canvas and some paint! boom.

medium to paint in:
acrylic…i love glitter…i love bedazzle…i love resin. sparkle sparkle sparkle! shine shine shine!!!!

time of day to paint:
early morning (no fucking people messin’ with me)

tool to paint with:
paintbrush, sometimes palette knife and katana for bead-work

subject to paint:
i love strong, confident, powerful women. i love american greed. i love anyone who has excitement and fire in their eyes…there’s no one particular thing…i love fashion…my sense of beauty is always changing…the older i get i see things differently.

curse word:

i think it’s hard to beat the metropolitan…they have everything

i love any gallery that is run by the artist who is producing his or her own work. i have an issue with anyone in this technological age who gives up 50% to galleries. galleries are done. now is the time of the artist.

i love norman ambrose. he makes all of my couture pieces! he is flawless and one of my very good friends. he combines my love of elegance and rebelliousness perfectly. he is making me a SICK ostrich coat right now!!!!!!

shoe designer:
rick owens

handbag designer:
right now i love edie parker and yaz bukey. also tom ford…i have a fucking handbag PROBLEM….

t-shirt designer:
i like velvet, three dots for my studio…but all my t-shirts are covered in paint! i also love anything that says fuck…hahaha

sneaker brand:
i like the saint laurent glitter sneakers right now

kilian’s “playing with the devil”

beauty products:
dr. david colbert’s beauty line…IT’S THE BEST!!!!!!

NARS…i am such a gloss whore. i love lip gloss so much!

Nail color:
OPI “thunder pussy red”…oh wait, is that a color? it should be.

hair products:
moroccan oil and pure argan oil…and i love coconut oil (a tip from my friend blake lively)

hair salon:
dream dry

vacation spot:
i love maui, i love italy and i love the caribbean

i love the crosby street hotel in new york or my friends hotel the BAR AU LAUC in zurich

i love caviar rousse and del posto in new york

allyson – she’s got such great fashion sense…she’s edgy and fun and she’s such a badass at what she does and DUH she is my sister! she’s a fucking badass!

CR and also hope street magazine

housewarming gift:
a vibrator (gift that keeps on giving)

i love abd el kader moroccan mint tea room spray…anything in that line i’m obsessed with


month-long vacations, 7 hour lunches, unforgettable moments!!!!

7 questions with ashley:

who is your Hollywood crush?
i’ve always loved ewan mcgregor for dude and beyonce is my girl crush…(she is scissor worthy)

how would you describe your style?
i think i’m very artsy with lots and lots of unique jewelry. i fucking love PITANGO rings and my FAVORITE designer is my friend kimberly mcdonald. she is such a badass.

what is your secret obsession?
well if i told you it wouldn’t be a secret, now would it? hahaha…it’s not really a secret that i am fascinated by greed…i also am secretly obsessed with making bumper stickers that say “THREE FINGERS PLEASE”

what was your childhood nickname?
my family called me “anus” cause i was bad and acted like a little asshole…i grew up in TIME OUT which is why i now make TIME OUT chairs!

biggest turn on:
people who are enthusiastic and grateful

(fill in this sentence) if nobody ever found out i would…
never ever in a million fucking years ever pay my taxes

(fill in this sentence) i would just about do anything for…
obvious answer: people i love //or a cheeseburger