profile: babe walker

Have you ever encountered someone and you’re like, “are you inside my head? and am I a lesbian because I’m obsessed with you”. We know, we know…super awkies but come on you like know what we mean!

This is the exact sensation we felt when we encountered socialite Babe Walker. We like to imagine Babe as a way younger version of Karen Walker from Will & Grace and that crazy lady who played Gwyneth Paltrow’s aunt in the movie version of Great Expectations. If you do not know either of these references get on Netflix and then get a life. KIDDING!

Like the standard millennial fairy tale, Babe’s notoriety began on Twitter with her mega popular account @whitegrlproblem. Subsequently Babe wrote not one, but two of the most relatable books (see below) we’ve read since Tori Spelling’s autobiography “Stori Telling”. There is even an underground buzz of a movie in the works…god we hope they get someone skinny enough to play Babe. Babe also boasts an Instagram account that is to die (@babewalker). But now, in an almost too good to be true twist of fate, our lives are about to get so much better…well, drunker, is more accurate. YOU GUYS…NEWSFLASH: our girl crush, Babe Walker has just teamed up with our baby daddy, The Fat Jew to bring us the highly anticipated White Girl Rose!!! Did you legit just die?! While you let that sink in, we recommend you do not walk toward the light at the end of the tunnel but run…and check out this interview with the one & only, Babe Walker…you can buy White Girl Rose here and read more on Babe here

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who is your favorite person to get black out drunk with while drinking White Girl Rose?
My maid/nanny/bff/mother figure, Mabinty. And by the way, the term ‘black out drunk’ shocks and horrifies me. So, I’m in a weird mood now.

who is your favorite person to booty call while BOD on WGR?
Dave Franco. I’m into small guys when I drink wine, not clear on why… but loves it!

what kind of decisions do you like to make while BOD on WGR?
Chic decisions, like swimming in the ocean in fur or swimming in a pool naked

who is your favorite person to drunk dial?
My old therapist, Susan. I’m still mad at her for not getting me after over fifteen years of work together.

if you could share a bottle of WGR with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be?
Joan Rivers

where your favorite places to enjoy a glass of WGR?
Anywhere I’m surrounded by loving, real, and peaceful people! Lol jk. I love taking an ice cold glass of it pre-nap, in one of my cabanas. Alone.

what are you favorite cures for a hangover?
Weed helps

Babe’s Favorites:

fashion designer:
Sarah Burton

shoe designer:
Wang for Balenciaga has been making me very happy

handbag designer:
Stella McCartney bags normally rule my summers

sneaker brand:

Maiyet for Barneys

beauty products:
La Mer, Tatcha, Lancer

La Mer, Serge Lutens

nail color:

vacation spot:



Cire Trudon, Diptyque

iPhone 7

Helicopter moments all summer long

7 questions with Babe:

who is your hollywood crush?
Alicia Vikander

how would you describe your style?
“Fuck you.”

what is your secret obsession?
Charlize Theron’s half-arm in Mad Max

what was your childhood nickname?

biggest turn on:
Humor and dick

if nobody ever found out i would…
burn down several people’s houses

i would just about do anything for…
My dad