profile: brittany, a stylish los angeles bachelorette

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where are you from:
Long Island, but let’s just stick with New York


5’6″ on a good day…but I think I’m 5’10″

hair color:

eye color:

astrological sign:

Actress/ hummus connoisseur

are you educated…if so, where did you go to college:
I went to college in Santa Barbara. I dropped out to pursue acting.

what area of LA do you live in:
West Hollywood

favorite LA bar:
Any late night karaoke bar in Korea town, just make sure you have nothing to do the next day.

drink of choice:
Tequila, with a splash of Tequila

favorite restaurant:
Marvin on Beverly. Great food, wine and lighting. It’s the kind of place where the owner will come over and top off your glass of wine, even though he doesn’t know you.

Going to the movies, it’s my favorite thing to do. Though I refuse to go alone.

where do you workout & do you ever meet guys there…personally, we think how you answer this question says a lot about you:
Equinox, and being that I look like a swamp monster when I work out I don’t meet anyone at the gym. I won’t even make eye contact.

favorite TV show:
The Walking Dead. I’m pretty sure I would survive a zombie apocalypse.

favorite artist/band:
Billy Joel

do you read books…be honest…if so, what are you currently reading:
I do read books. Currently, I am reading Judd Apatow’s book “Sick in the Head” where he interviews a bunch of comedians. It’s genius and I find myself laughing hysterically alone in my bedroom (when I am reading it).

how would you describe your style:
Underdressed. I hate getting ready, so I do it as little as possible. I feel sexiest in black jeans, a black tee and black booties. So I guess that’s called grunge?

come on, be honest…padded or unpadded bra:
If and when I wear a bra, it isn’t padded


celebrity crush:
Tie between Ellen Degeneres and Jimmy Fallon

Silver fox

longest relationship:
Two wonderful years

top 3 qualities you look for in a potential BF:
1. A black Amex. Totally kidding.
1 (for real). Funny, I want to laugh with him even if we are just standing in line at the DMV.
2. Chemistry.
3. Believe in me, support me and push me. Be my rock. And I would do the exact same for him.

whats the ideal outfit for a guy on a first date:
I don’t hate when I match guys. If he showed up in black jeans, a black tee with a black hat. I would be like “Oh thats so annoying we match” but secretly I would love every second of it.

how do you feel about dating apps/websites:
Ehh…its 2015 go for it

how do you feel about blind dates:
I have learned the hard way they DO NOT WORK

where is the best place for single girls to meet single guys:
Through friends, or a house party. It’s not Whole Foods, despite what everyone keeps telling me.

admit it, all girls judge a guy by his shoes. name which type of shoe gets your motor running and which is a complete turn off?
Anything from Varvatos boots to Air Force Ones. As long as he isn’t barefoot, I’m in.

long hair or short hair:
Not balding. (I did love the man bun in 2014 though)

what is your preference of communication…do you text or call guys:
FaceTime all the way. It’s so much more fun.

what do you like to do on a first date:
It doesn’t matter what you do. If the person is cool and conversation is easy, it should be fun. You know it’s a great date when you haven’t checked your phone and it feels like in that moment only you and him exist and nothing else matters.

how many drinks are acceptable on a first date:
As many at it takes

how many drinks does it take to get you black out drunk:
3-4 drinks and I either need to go home or go to a diner

besides heroin (which is gross), do you dabble:
I can’t even drink coffee

who should initiate conversation after the first date:
Whoever has something to say

do you think it’s acceptable to make out on a first date:

…what about going all the way:
He better be really funny

are you strictly dickley or do you ever take a dip in the lady pond:
I once dipped a toe in the lady pond