profile: donald robertson, artist

Donald Robertson has his shit together. this andy warhol of instagram (the ny post), father of five kids and creative virtuoso agreed to do this profile and sent us his answers in less than 24 hours. in that same 24 hours he served on a panel at a teen vogue event, shared several pieces of new work with his instagram followers and posted his cherubic twin boys in typical toddler scenarios documenting their transition from infant to complete munchkin status. and what did you do last weekend?!?

Donald is a toronto-born/new-york based artist whose prolific career is an impressive catalog which spans across a variety of industries and mediums. Donald worked with the founders of mac cosmetics, where he helped launch vivaglam to raise millions globally for the fight against aids. trading in beauty for fashion, Robertson next launched american marie claire before redesigning american glamour with conde nast and hearst.

in the past 18 months, Donald has been hurled into the international spotlight via his popularity on instagram. this insta-fame has allowed Donald to focus his free time on his solo art career, incorporating and transforming the a to z’s of fashion, beauty and daily life into illustrations and pop art…bananas and babies; cardboard and carine; gaffers and giraffes; louis and lagerfeld; whole foods and wintour…his inspiration is limitless. the king of collabs (us) is a regular contributor for instyle magazine and has joined efforts with designer giles deacon, shoe designer brian atwood, jcrew and collette in paris creating everything from shoes to postcards. most recently Donald rejoined estée lauder on special projects where he works today.

this silver fox of instagram (us again) might not know it, but in addition to captivating the instagram community with his artwork, Donald has his audience totally bewitched by his gorgeous family (his wife is an ali macgraw doppelgander) making him the director of his own reality show. it’s a genius move in an age where people’s preoccupation with voyeurism has redefined the american dream. posts and videos of his kids and dogs garner just as much attention as his canny illustrations. this accessibility (and we guess his insane talent might have something to do with it also) have his followers obsessed with every painted paper bag he posts. Donald, whose subjects often include kayne & kim or anna & grace, is on the pulse of pop culture making him totally relatable to a younger generation as well. and doesn’t he seem like a cool guy to hang out with? his posts are usually accompanied with a quick-witted caption and that whole suburban dad thing he has going on…well sorry to tell you Donald but you in a double baby bjorn is kind of hot. join us in our Donald Robertson obsession and follow the silver fox of instagram @donalddrawbertson. see Donald’s artwork and favs below…

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 8.26.28 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 8.24.37 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 8.19.24 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 8.22.32 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 8.17.17 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 8.15.16 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 8.23.24 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 7.03.13 PM

donald’s favorites:

artist of the 20th century:
my all time faves? it’s a combo thing. no one artist i love. Charles Schultz, Andy Warhol, the Group of Seven, Alex Colville, David Hockney, Cy Twombly, Dr. Seus illustrators, Grandma Moses, Playboy mag cartoonists, Keith Haring. i steal from all of them!

artist of the 21st century:
i love watching the bizness folk walk underneath, and ignore. Jeff Koons dolphin in a garbage can and the blow up lobster stuck in a log sculpture hanging in the lobby (of my favorite Mies Van der Rohe Seagrams Building on Park avenue). it’s the best.

source of inspiration:
my five kids fill me up daily

place to paint:
barefoot outside on a ping pong table in montecito

medium to paint in:
gaffertape is my bitch

time of day to paint:
i start at 4am before everyone wakes up

tools to paint with:
anything. i have painted with room service breakfast. anything i can get my hands on.

subject(s) to paint:
fashion folk are my muses

MET vs MOMA. i love that Leonard Lauder’s recent gift changed the game.

Ronald Lauder’s Neue Galerie

kid out of your 5:
Runty!! the littlest one and the last one that they told us wouldn’t make it. Charlie is alive and well!

clothing designer:
i admire anyone who makes something and sells something. the act of actually DOING IT and putting your name on it is exciting to me.

shoe designer:
i like this chick valentina carrano. she is my buddy ali’s wife. shoes are so hard to make. i don’t know how she does it. so old world. they are at bergdorf’s.

t-shirt designer:
i like solid and striped t-shirts by isaac ross. he is the man.

sneaker brand:
my son and i both wear stan smiths. i love seeing them side by side now that we have the same size feet.

i don’t wear fragrance but i love the brand le labo. co-founder fabrice penot is a modern dude. google him.

grooming products (what does the silver fox of instagram use to look so foxy?!?):
i love this bobbi brown stuff called EXTRA. i like how it smells. that’s it.

vacation spot:
i love doing the stairs with my whole fam at the stadium in santa barbara. it’s on the ocean and it’s the best work out. then we all go to crush cakes after. love cali lately.

i want that ritz in paris to reopen. i’m saying it’s my favorite even though it’s still being reno’d.

super rica in santa barbara . the line moves fast. it’s worth the wait!

instagram account:
@thefatjewish and @fuckjerry

what is a magazine? just kidding. the people at harpers bazaar are very nice to me and give me full bleed spreads and covers. i’ll say them. all of them.

housewarming gift:
monogrammed ping pong balls are cool. google for details.

le labo. the one viloet grey carries. not sure the name.

the scanner app. so great for sending art out into the universe.

i love doing my personal appearances at colette in paris. i stand in that store and marvel at sarah colette’s retail theatre. i just had a mini show there for pfw and it was a SCENE. i looked over at one point and jeremy scott was on a table in a net shirt signing books and carine roitfeld was kissing charlotte stockdale and checking out her new digital garage magazine cover. bliss.

4 questions with donald:

who is your hollywood crush?
brad grey’s hot wife cassandra

how would you describe your style?
tongue in chic

what is your secret obsession?

biggest turn on:
new trailers for coming soon wes anderson movies