profile: jason hoehn of huckleberry jewelry

Jason Hoehn’s jewelry line, Huckleberry Ltd, makes us feel a certain special kinda way. it ignites that badass side of the deuxmoi gals inspiring us to YOLO. like we totally see ourselves wearing his diamond pave can top necklace while taking shots of jack daniels and getting tattooed by a hot bearded dude named freddy who we met while sharking a game of pool (was that an episode of melrose place? probs).

Huckleberry Ltd. was founded by Jason in dec 2013 after a few years of “friendly prodding” (did you mean persistent badgering??) by Jason’s co-founder and business partner charles lew. Jason, who was a jewelry industry vet at this point, had been designing fine jewelry for fifteen years and was previously the founder and lead designer for nefarious fine jewelry. Huckleberry launched at Roseark (a SICK jewelry store in la) in march 2014. if you love beautifully designed jewelry that is sexy and bold-one of our favorite pieces is the reversible love/fuck ring in rose gold-than go to www.huckleberryltd.comadorn yourself in something hot and sassy and we promise you will feel like angelina jolie circa 2001 (minus billy bob thornton, sorry bb). see jason’s favs below…

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 9.36.13 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 6.37.26 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 6.38.00 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 6.37.48 PM

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 jason’s favorites:

pair of earrings in the Huckleberry collection:
Bear Claw earring in rose gold with white diamond inlay

necklace in the Huckleberry collection:
Can Top necklace in rose gold with full black diamond pave

pin & place to stick it in the Huckleberry collection:
our oversized LEAF pin in satin finished yellow gold on a leather jacket and the Nick Fouquet x Huckleberry collaboration matchstick in yellow gold with emerald pave and white diamond pinned in any one of my five Nick Fouquet hats

ring in the Huckleberry collection:
our oversized horseshoe ring in any gold with white diamonds and our new reversible Love/Fuck ring in high polished rose gold

personal piece of jewelry you own:
my first piece of jewelry i made 15 years ago, a satin finished 18k yellow gold horseshoe ring with 11 quarter carat round brilliant G VS diamonds

sentimental piece of jewelry you own:
a polished rock belt buckle made by my late grandfather

type of jewelry to receive as a gift:
anything personal. my most recent and favorite jewelry gift was a 2 toned yellow gold and brushed stainless steel Rolex DateJust with black face from my wife for our 10 year anniversary.

type of jewelry to give as a gift:
any piece from a loved one that will stand the test of time. future heirlooms as we call them.

latest jewelry trend:
oversized masculine rings for women and earrings for men

piece of jewelry you fantasize about owning:
a rose gold and black diamond rattler cuff by Kathy Rose

fashion designer:
tom ford and waraire boswell for men’s formal, levis for denim, nick fouquet for bespoke hats, and for fine jewelry kathy rose, rick rose and ourselves

shoe designer:
visvim and clarks for men. chloe and chanel for women.

handbag designer :
classic chanel

t-shirt designer:
white t shirts are part of my personal uniform. rag and bone and tag-less hanes.

sneaker brand:

bleu de chanel for men

beauty products:
my wife’s expensive face cream. don’t tell her i use it tho.

on women, less is more. i love natural. maybe some lip gloss.

nail color:
on women currently, shorter length red

hair salon:
exploratory laboratory boutique by the amazing geneva in silverlake

vacation spot:
maui and santa barbara

four seasons santa barbara and the parker palm springs

in la soho house, izakaya sushi, and old school mastro’s

architectural digest (i’m more of a book person)

currently my iphone 6

custom versions of my own jewelry


7 questions with jason:

who is your hollywood crush?
kate beckinsale

how would you describe your style?
casual and eclectic. i’m an accessories man of course and build my outfits around them.

what is your secret obsession?
old disney cartoons and animation in general

what was your childhood nickname?
J, J Bird, and Peso

biggest turn on:
humor, intelligence and trustworthines

(fill in this sentence) if nobody ever found out i would…
still wouldn’t do it. as my favorite teacher tom preston used to say to me “Mr. Hoehn, you’ve got to live with yourself”

(fill in this sentence) i would just about do anything for…
my wife and son