profile: jason pinchoff of PINCH NYC

if you every find yourself whining about life because starbucks still does not offer almond milk (us every day), then spend five minutes talking to Jason Pinchoff and you’ll feel like a real asshole. when jason was just 11 his mom Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer. a few years later he lost his sister and father in a tragic automobile accident and soon after his mother lost her battle with the disease leaving Jason a teenager without his family.

years later Jason used what he had learned from enduring these tragedies towards something positive. in 2010, after a career as a multi-media producer working with such names as jay z and chub rock, Jason started The Linda B. Pinchoff Foundation’s The Waiting Room Project. The Waiting Room Project was brainchild’ed from the countless hours Jason had spent in hospital waiting rooms. during the years he witnessed his mom being treated for cancer, he noticed that while medicine was progressing, the waiting rooms, where patient’s loved ones spend so much time, remained the same. The Waiting Room Project aims to redesign hospital waiting rooms to provide more comfort; transforming these spaces into cozy environments with warm colors, better lighting and an overall more contemporary feel. eventually, Jason would like to also include a children’s area which would provide a tv, games and toys. Jason’s first makeover will take place in Regional Memorial Hospital in south florida; the place of his mother’s passing.

feel inadequate yet? well just wait because Jason also serves as a mentor for people who have loved ones afflicted with cancer. he provides all of his personal info and makes himself available 24/7 (and even when he is on vaca) to be there for people who need counseling. Jason’s devotion steams from his personal experience; growing up quickly, going through the “cancer process” and having to cope with overwhelming news. as he explains it “he does what he wishes others did for him”.

all of these efforts, which have contributed toward cancer awareness, has manifested into PINCH NYC (get it? PINCH like PINCHoff)…Jason’s movement to bring a voice to this disease. 10% of the proceeds from every PINCH NYC hat will go towards Linda B. Pinchoff Foundation’s The Waiting Room Project. PINCH NYC is a culmination of everything that inspires Jason…hip-hop (his 1st love), fashion and of course his quest to ease a dismal situation. this october, in honor of breast cancer awareness month, 100% of the proceeds from PINCH NYC’s breast cancer hat will go to┬áLinda B. Pinchoff Foundation’s The Waiting Room Project (dude, your mom would be so proud). join the movement and go to to get your PINCH NYC hat and learn more about Jason below…






jason’s favorites:

bathing ape, prada, theory

shoe deisgners:
ferragamo, prada, hudson

t-shirt brand:
tees from urban outfitters

top secret…will never tell

hair product:

vacation spots:
countryside of paris & florida

place to shop:
anywhere in soho

setai south beach

nyc bar:
hotel lobbies…really like the w union square

belvedere on the rocks with 2 limes and in the summer-mojitos, winter-cabernet


dana dane (hebro)

tom hanks, scarlett johansson & julia stiles




anything apple


7 questions with the jason:

what’s your secret obsession?
walking nyc streets with headphones on for inspiration

who is your hollywood crush?
jessica biel & cameron diaz

how would you fill in this sentence?…“i would do just about anything for…”

biggest turn on?
intelligent people

how would you fill in this sentence?…“if no one found out i would…”
rob a bank

how would you describe your style?
my style represents everything that inspires me…not the coolest shit, just what i can rock

top 3 qualities you look for in a potential girlfriend?
1. heart
2. soul
3. compassion