profile: krysten kauder, founder & designer of ryan porter

Since the birth of emoticons, circa 2000-and-something, feelings have been so en vogue (that was a little nod to the all girl 1990’s R&B group right there). It’s like so millennial to express yourself via your personal uniform. Clothing and accessories sporting proverbs…mottos…slang…anything about Drake is a SUSH (stuff you should have) for any fashion forward gal these days. This is all reading very “Freedom of Expression Act” to us…don’t you think? Interesting

Krysten Kauder, founder and designer of Ryan Porter, is joining this movement with her line of personalized jewelry. With a variety of materials to choose from, Krysten will create a piece of jewelry for you individualized with any of your many different personalities. Or, you can show your affection for that special someone in your life, like your pet, with one of Ryan Porter’s styles that suggest love. Whatever phrase or name you choose to be immoratlized, it will 100% symbolize you, which was exactly the inspiration behind Ryan Porter. “I wanted to make something to add to my arm party that also meant something to me”, says Krysten. As if we didn’t already love this entrepreneurial gal, Krysten just launched her “Totally Clueless” collection  which includes jewelry and accessories featuring our fav Cher Horowitz sayings (see below). Now we’re totally bugging’!

Ryan Porter, which has been featured in People Stylewatch, Teen Vogue, Lucky and Marie Claire, is available at shopryanporter and our exclusive Ryan Porter x deuxmoi bracelet is available here. See Krysten’s favorites below…Dee, we’re outty.

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Krysten’s favorites:

piece from the Ryan Porter collection:
The Emoji customized bracelet. I feel like I’m the real life Daria so I love my “meh” bracelet with the annoyed emoji bead.

personal piece of jewelry you own:
I bought a smoky topaz ring from a holiday market and never take it off. I’m obsessed.

sentimental piece of jewelry you own:
My mom has given me several pieces of her vintage jewelry as well as my grandmother’s that I love stacking with my RP jewelry.

type of jewelry to receive as a gift:
My favorite type of jewelry is something that someone has given thought to and keeping my edgy style in mind. You can’t go wrong with a simple stackable ring.

type of jewelry to give as a gift:
a customized piece like a RP initial necklace!

latest jewelry trend:
layered necklaces

piece of jewelry you fantasize about owning:
I would love to own a major statement piece but I’m not sure if I can pull it off. I’ve always been about dainty pieces.

piece you made for a client:
I would have to say two particular instances…
Karlie Kloss’ s sister bought her a bracelet with her initials and Karlie instagrammed it as one of her favorite things–I woke up my boyfriend at 2 in the morning freaking out when I saw “Karlie Kloss tagged you in a photo”.

I am always touched by my customer’s stories. One customer told me she purchased a bracelet with her grandfather’s name when he passed and purchased another when her grandmother passed away and finds comfort looking down at her customized bracelets with their names.

fashion designer:
Yigal Azrouel

shoe designer:
Alexander Wang if I had to choose..but really, whatever looks good

handbag designer :

t-shirt designer:
that would be Zara, ha

Elizabeth & James Nirvana

beauty products:
Palmetto Derma skincare

Chanel & Laura Mercier

nail color:
Depends. Right now–cobalt blue. Usually grey, black or naked.

hair products:

hair salon:
some cheap place in the UWS for a trim once in awhile

vacation spot:
I hate flying so I haven’t been far (yet). Upstate NY with the family on the lake every summer.

Mondrian SoHo

Little Prince

NYLON & most recently…Popular

iPhone and iphone portable charger. Always.

I always splurge on food, hotel staycations and clothes. In that order. But most recently, teeth whitening, ha.

7 questions with Krysten:

who is your hollywood crush?
Mark Wahlberg. Don’t judge.

how would you describe your style?
Black. I try to mix in girly/feminine but…it’s usually all black with cute lipstick

what is your secret obsession?
Shark Tank

what was your childhood nickname?
Casper. I need to get outside more (and I basically look like Christina Ricco’s twin).

biggest turn on:

if nobody ever found out i would…
never shave my legs

i would just about do anything for…
cheese…and my family