profile: mary giuliani & michele pokowicz of mary giuliani catering & events

who doesn’t love party rockin’ till the break of dawn at a fab fête? especially when the specifics of said fête are the mastermind of the two rad ladies behind Mary Giuliani Catering & Events. Mary and her president & partner, Michele Pokowicz, create events heavy on the chic and light on the ordinary. along with an ambiance that is uniquely tailored to their client’s swagger, MGCE offers high end fare with imaginative and innovative presentation. if mini bacon maple cupcakes, chicken polpetti on cucumber, truffle grilled cheese, cafe patron mini milkshakes and tuna tartare tacos get your mouth watering (and if doesn’t you’re a corpse) then you definitely want MGCE to quarterback your next event.

spawned from Mary’s love for entertaining, Mary Giuliani Catering & Events was actualized in 2005. with a personal credo that “parties should always make you laugh,” Mary once hosted an event where she relocated all the furniture in her house to the forest of her backyard and with drinks in hand guided her guests on a wooded adventure to find the dinner table (that’s so medieval of her…we love it!) when Michele joined the MGCE team in 2009 she already had 8+ years as an event producer under her belt. besides her expertise in the event and catering industries, Michele’s personal love for food and travel, no doubt, was a great contribution to MGCE. with the office nickname ‘Michele Maps’, this east coast babe can give great venue, restaurant and hotel recommendations on BOTH coasts and then some (do we sense an app in the making??? you’re welcome).

Mary and Michele, along with the rest of the fab MGCE crew service an impressive roster of clients including: vogue, travel + leisure, jcrew, nissan, bon appetit, mtv, stella mccartney, juicy couture, hbo, google and rag & bone. go to to contact MGCE for your next event and be on the lookout for Mary’s book Small Bites, Big Stories due out spring 2015 by random house. learn more about Mary and Michele below including their personal fav entertaining ideas…

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mary and michele’s favorites:

event you have ever produced for Mary Giuliani Catering & Events:
mg: The Nine Premiere, it was italian themed and one of the first large events that michele and i produced together. it brought us back to our days of studying in italia.
mp: Epicurious Entertains NYC – it was the first celebrity chef event that i produced and executed with mary. it was very challenging and exciting.

venue for an event:
mg: 632 on hudson it is great for private and intimate corporate events. it was the first true event space that inspired me to open our business.
mp: Glasshouses – it’s great for any kind of event, has amazing views and perry bracco is one of my favorite venue managers!

beverage to serve when you are personally hosting:
mg: grapefruit jalapeno margaritas
mp: champagne and vodka sodas

edibles to serve when you are personally hosting:
mg: pigs in the blanket!
mp: my aunt’s famous sausage bread!

dessert to serve when you are personally hosting:
mg: thin mint girl scout cookies or anything minty and chocolate combinations
mp: i love chipwiches!

table decor when you are personally hosting:
mg: funny pictures of people in lieu of place cards
mp: candles, candles, candles, everyone looks great when they are lit by candles

music to play when you are personally hosting:
mg: you can never go wrong with sinatra
mp: i take pride in my playlists, i usually start with some alternative chill like coldplay then end up somewhere around rihanna

personal touch for your guests for your personal events or occasions:
mg: i love to send guests home with a hangover kit (coconut water, vitamins, advil and an eye mask)
mp: i like to give my guests my curated playlist on a usb drive

mg: cynthia rowley but my go to is jcrew
mp: rag & bone

shoe designer:
mg: sarah jessica parker
mp: ysl

handbag designer :
mg: il bisonte
mp: prada and classic gucci

t-shirt designer:
mg: jcrew
mp: vince

sneaker brand:
mg: converse
mp: nike

mg: au naturale
mp: le labo, neroli 36

mg: NARS for days
mp: MAC forever

nail color:
mg: i bite my nails
mp: esse mademoiselle

hair products:
mg: sally hershberger
mp: frederik fekkai

hair salon:
mg: sally hershberger

vacation spot:
mg: caneel bay, BVI
mp: st. barts, FWI

mg: sunset marquis, la – we pretend we are rock stars instead of caterers when we stay there
mp: sunset marquis, la – our west coast home away from home

mg: babbo. anything batali period
mp: i have too many….

mg: the new potato
mp: deuxmoi but of course!

mg: instyle
mp: vogue but secretly love me some us weekly

housewarming gift:
mg: tequila
mp: champagne

mg: tocca
mp: diptyque – baies

mg: iphone
mp: ipad mini

mg: love vintage furniture
mp: bags and shoes


7 questions with mary and michele:

who is your hollywood crush?
mg: bill murray
mp: ryan reynolds

how would you describe your style?
mg: relaxed bohemian
mp: casual chic, but mary says i am “elegantly casual”

what is your secret obsession?
mg: the monkees, but it’s not so secret
mp: traveling

what was your childhood nickname?
mg: macchio
mp: pokie

biggest turn on:
mg: my husband
mp: humor

(fill in this sentence) if nobody ever found out I would…
mg: wow, that’s a loaded question
mp: we plead the 5th on that one…

(fill in this sentence) i would just about do anything for…
mg: michele
mp: mary