profile: melissa tavss of tipsy scoop

let’s be honest, we all love any excuse to booze. it’s a three day weekend…let’s drink! your favorite team made the playoffs…let’s drink! it’s your best friend’s baby shower…let’s drink! now you can take your love of libations to a whole new level with Tipsy Scoop liquor-infused ice cream. inspired by classic and contemporary cocktails, with flavors like Red Velvet Martini and Maple Bacon Bourbon, Tipsy Scoop is made using only local and seasonal ingredients.

Melissa Tavss, creator of Tipsy Scoop, has ice cream in her blood dating all the way back to the 1800’s when her italian ancestors brought ice cream to scotland. her great, great, great grandfather made ice cream at home and sold it from a pushcart as he walked the city streets of glasgow, scotland. eventually he opened his own ice cream shop and brought his sons into the business. the family business continued with Melissa’s great, great grandfather, who opened several of his own shops around glasgow in the 1900s. her great grandfather continued the family ice cream tradition and opened shops throughout scotland and england and eventually became the president of the ice cream alliance of great britain (wait… we love that this alliance actually exists).

following in the foot steps of her predecessor’s, Melissa began to experiment with putting a modern boozy twist on ice cream. Tipsy Scoop “blends the magic of an artisanal hand-crafted ice cream with the mastery of a perfectly mixed cocktail” so you can indulge your sweat tooth AND your party animal propensity…how deliciously genius is that?!? we tried the chocolate stout and pretzel flavor and it was bomb dot com…like literally it was pretzels and beer. see Melissa’s favorites below and go to for more on these mouthwatering treats. oh and they cater too…so perf for a wedding or special event…

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melissa’s favorites
customer flavor:
Dark Chocolate Whiskey and Salted Caramel

flavor to get a girl’s night out started:
Spiked Hazelnut Coffee made with cafe patron, coffee and hazelnut liqueur

flavor for a birthday bash:
Cake Batter vodka martini! topped with rainbow sprinkles

flavor for a wedding shower:
Red Velvet martini made with cake flavored vodka, white chocolate liqueur and cherry liqueur

flavor to cure a hang over:
Maple Bacon Bourbon

personal fav flavor:
Raspberry Limoncello sorbet!

clothing designer:
mara hoffman or parker

handbag designer:

t-shirt designer:
lna, they are super soft

sneaker brand:
new balance

fragonard etoile

beauty products:


nail color:
NONE – no nail polish at the kitchen 🙁

hair products:

vacation spot:
san remo, italy on the italian riveria!

not telling because don’t want anyone else to go there!

felice 64 or sushi seki

food and wine

housewarming gift:
pints of Tipsy Scoop or wine or both!

jo malone

my phone


4 questions with melissa:

who is your hollywood crush?
bruno mars – he is so cool

how would you describe your style?
casual and comfortable, jcrew black stretchy pants!

what was your childhood nickname?

(fill in this sentence) i would just about do anything for…
a good bagel