profile: molly guy of stone fox bride

stepping into the offices of stone fox bride was like stepping into a dreamworld of ethereal bridal gown fairies. this everything boho wedding brand was founded by molly guy soon after her own nuptials. molly lived for planning her own ‘oh-so-uncoventional’ wedding, that consisted of brunch in an antiques warehouse, she decided to do it for a living. after buying a ‘retail for dummies’ book, in november of 2009, molly had done enough research to establish stone fox bride nine months later and the rest is history. check out stone fox bride’s hippie chic wonderland headquaters (equipped with a tee pee), some of the gorg stone fox bride designed dresses and veils they offer, and molly’s favorites below…
all photos by deuxmoi
molly’s favorites:
wedding dress designer:
stone fox bride 
style of veil:
a 10 ft train i designed for client hilary rosenman
a fresh flower crown with a braid
a trimmed vintage chantilly lace, silk tulle,
classic blusher veil
the veil lauren bush wore in her wedding
hair adornment for the bride:
plump, day-old red rose flower crowns by stone fox bride
style of bridesmaids dresses:
70s inspired dyed lavender silk tulle ballerina dress with velvety red flowers
style of flower girl dresses:
classic, simple, old lace eduardian smock or old-fashioned eyeleted 
engagement ring setting:
bead set art deco 
style of wedding band:
classic band or diamond eternity band
wedding venue or setting:
some place that is chic, but also intimate and cozy…could be the plaza or your grandparent’s home, but decorated in your own style 
mode of transportation from ceremony to reception:
anything from a bike to a rickshaw, public transportation to on foot, it’s up to the couple
first dance song:
not really my thing
flavor for wedding cake:
vanilla cake, vanilla frosting with edible flowers cascading down
type of party favor:
local honey, vintage swiss army knives, things people can use again…chic, expensive salt cellar with cayenne salt…secondhand salinger books tied with a cute ribbon
honeymoon destination:
dream honeymoon: two weeks…one week of being lazy, having sex, eating a lot of food, and then the next week where you are super active…hiking, yoga, swimming, in a destination like africa, bali, or big sur
wedding gift:
vintage tiffany stemware and vases from ebay that i get engraved
valentino, isabel marant, lanvin, balenciaga…anything from the 60s and 70s that’s vintage or indian inspired…embroidered blouses and dresses
shoe designer:
isabel marant

t-shirt brand:
the older, more faded, and beat up the better…from the thrift store… nightshirts from when i was a kid 

sneaker brand:

a mix…an essential oil with lakshmi or parvati (from a health store) with ratri fragrance from
beauty products:
palmer’s cocoa butter swivel stick, the falsies cover girl mascara, stila convertible color 

hair salon:
wherever i can get a good enough deal 

water, americano with half and half, green juice with apple ginger and lemon, coconut water, homemade hot chocolate with red chili flakes 

vacation spot:
michigan, big sur, varanasi india 

place to shop:
diggi palace in jaipur india, deetjens in big sur 

my mom’s kitchen in chicago or anything my dad or my husband makes

french vogue, ny magazine

balenciaga bag, my daughter sunny


housewarming gift:
i love giving gifts…le creuset dishes, sage bundles, set of candles

plain unscented candles from crate and barrel