profile: gary lupton, a stylish new york city bachelor

about gary:
where are you from?
born and raised in cape town, south africa  
hair color?
eye color?
astrological sign?
fashion photographer
what area of NYC do you live in?  
favorite nyc bar?
there are so many! its new york
drink of choice?
coors light
favorite restaurant?
anywhere that serves a good steak
golf is my yoga. i also enjoy waterskiing, snowboarding, and cycling
where do you workout and do you ever meet girls at the gym?
health and racquet… only when i’m doing squats
favorite artist/band?
fleetwood mac
how would you describe your style?
laid back/casual
boxers of briefs?
about dating:
celebrity crush?
does lindsay lohan count?
i don’t discriminate
longest relationship?
4 years
top 3 qualities you look for in a potential girlfriend? 
adventurous, smart, sense of humor… the basics!
whats the ideal outfit for a girl on a first date?
come as you are. always interesting to see what a girl wears to work
how do you feel about blind dates?
i’ve never had the pleasure, but open to it
have you ever or are you currently a member of any online dating sites?
i’ve never joined one. does facebook count?
where is the best place for single girls to meet single guys?
at the grocery store
heels or flats?
heels or flip flops 
long hair or short hair?
do you text or call girls to ask them out?
better to ask them face to face, that way you get an answer
what do you like to do on a first date?
definitely not play golf! drinks somewhere quiet, but not stuffy
how many drinks are acceptable on a first date?
the more the merrier!
who should initiate conversation after the first date?
whoever wakes up first/whoever is making breakfast
tell us the truth, south african women or american women?
that’s a hard one! an american thats been to south africa