profile: prohibition bakery

two revolutionary minds once met on a birthright trip to isreal and in august of 2011 changed the world of cupcakes as we know it. it was that fateful summer when Brooke Siem and Leslie Feinberg, both food industry vets, conspired to create Prohibition Bakery; a patisserie dedicated exclusively to booze ladened cupcakes. whiskey, rum, vodka, beer, wine (god we love wine)…yes, actual liquor is an ingredient.

Brooke and Leslie joined forces when Brooke, a classically trained chef, wanted to whip up a cosmopolitan flavored cake for a friend’s bachelorette party. Leslie, a bartender at the time, helped Brooke create a confectionary concoction carrie bradshaw would have been proud of. later, these two gals nonchalantly decided over gchat or ichat…it was some sort of web communication…to parlay the success of the cosmo cake into a business. genius.

the deuxmoi gals visited Prohibition Bakery to sample the goods and let us tell you…it was worth the trip to clinton street (hello, we had to cab it all the way from uptown). the bakery itself is a rad little spot manned by Leslie and Brooke. the walls are covered with photographs of their ancestors, a nod to the prohibition era and the cupcakes are just BOMB…the perfect amount of sweet and the perfect amount of flavor from the booze. oh and they are all mini…like who doesn’t love a mini dessert?!? our fav was the pretzels & beer which is shocking because we never drink beer or eat pretzels (gluten-free bitches!). personally, we think what Brooke and Leslie have created is next level. for some reason or another americans have been loosing their shit over the cupcake for the past few years and well, combine that with a substance millions of people are addicted to…jackpot. learn more about Leslie and Brooke below or better yet get your ass to Prohibition Bakery at 9 clinton street in nyc…






brooke (left)  & leslie (right)’s favorites:

customer cupcake:
brooke: pretzels & beer
leslie:  we met reena and brendan when we were doing the hester street fair in the spring of 2012. they asked us to do cupcakes for their wedding, and then their caterer threw away the pretzels & beer cake topper at the end of the night. a couple months ago, brendan came by and asked us to help him surprise reena for the 1-year anniversary with a new topper. that is probably my favorite custom order we’ve ever done- in two parts!

cupcake for a girl’s night out:
b: margarita
l:  margarita, because margaritas are always followed by questionable, but hilarious, choices

cupcake for a birthday bash:
b: birthday cake
l:  the birthday cake, of course

cupcake for a wedding shower:
b: anything white
l:  the old fashioned

cupcake for a hang over:
b: pretzels & beer
l:  pretzels & beer, very absorbent

personal fav:
b: hot buttered rum
l:  winter’s hot buttered rum- very sexy cupcake

b: victoria’s secret…i hate shopping and i’ve realized the vs clothing brand fits me really well, so i can do it all online
l:  i like to look at marc jacobs and carolina herrara’s stuff and daydream about when i would ever have the opportunity to wear any of it

shoe designer:
b: since i spend all my time on my feet at work…crocs
l:  frye

handbag designer:
b: i’ve owned only one handbag in my entire life; a kate spade my mom bought me sometime in the mid 2000s. i still love and use it, so i’ll go with kate spade.
l:  i’m currently obsessed with a “tribal made” bag i picked up on a recent trip to vietnam

t-shirt designer:
b: sam dakota
l:  who is the opposite of ed hardy?

sneaker brand:
b: reebok nano
l:  converse, always

b: i smell like baked goods most days. that’s as far as it goes.
l:  i tend to use essential oils if anything at all. i have a great one that smells like freshly cut grass.

beauty product:
b: kiehl’s
l:  chapstick

b: rarely…usually just some foundation and mascara
l:  moisturizer with spf

nail color:
b: no painted nails when you’re making cupcakes for the masses!
l:  dark red and purples, and bright blues and greens. man, i miss painting my nails.

hair product:
b: massive amounts of rubber bands
l:  nothing can tame this mane

hair salon:
b: eiji salon
l:  blowpro nyc

vacation spot:
b: what’s that?
l:  my mom’s house. it’s nice to have family in florida.

b: i prefer the term “a place to crash on your couch”
l:  i’m still just barely young enough that couch surfing is acceptable. check back in a year or two.

b: vezzo
l:  my boyfriend and i spend way too much time at the dominican diner near the bakery. mofongo!

b: coffee with milk
l:  old fashioned or straight whiskey, one ice cube

l:  i miss

b: i like esquire…i find men’s magazines way more interesting
l:  playboy, for the articles!

housewarming gift:
b: plants
l:  Prohibition Bakery cupcakes, obviously

b: birthday
l:  birthday?

b: calculator. i’m terrible at math.
l:  i hate how much i love my iphone

b: taxis
l:  taxis


5 questions with brooke & leslie:

who is your hollywood crush?
b: chandler bing
l:  bill murray- now, then, and forever

what is your secret obsession?
b: bubble baths
l:  not so secret, but thrift stores

biggest turn on:
b: creativity
l:  proper punctuation and pronunciation. also, meaty forearms.

how would you fill in this sentence?…if nobody ever found out I would…
b: substitute all political posters and ads with pictures of cats and bacon
l:  i’ve already done it

how would you fill in this sentence?…i would just about do anything for…
b: my dog
l:  a klondike bar