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it’s so chic to stand for something. whether you are a peacemaker or a troublemaker, a quiet achiever or a celebrity endorser; it’s always a good look to take a stance. that’s why we j’adore what Rachel Kibbe of is all about. she is tres passionate about eco-friendly products AND ethically made products and founded the marketplace on this very belief.

started in march 2013, Rachel’s mission is to offer apparel and products that are beautiful, exciting and fashion-forward and ALSO ethical. as a freelance writer and apprentice to labels alexander wang and jack spade, Rachel saw first hand how “messed up it (the fashion industry) was on so many levels”. feeling that the industry needed change and both environmental impact and human/labor issues being very important to Rachel, she launched helpsy in hopes that the world and fashion industry natch, would change their misconception about ethical fashion. if this is you- wtf exactly is ethical fashion ?  don’t feel like a dum-dum. a product is considered “ethical” if it has four or more of the following qualities:

non-disposable & well-made
eco-friendly materials
fair trade/wage
profits to philanthropy
cruelty free
local production
local material sourcing
vintage/second hand
made in small qualities

whew…that was like a lot of learning. now save the planet and go to to see Rachel’s rad curation of apparel and accessories. see her favs below…

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 1.55.00 PM


rachel’s favorites:

womenswear piece on Helpsy:
angie lu lucy dress

accessory on Helpsy:
aoko su herkimer diamond ring

beauty items on Helpsy:
daile dna lock serum daily skin moisturizer with dna repairing anti-aging properties

item over $100 on Helpsy:
aoko su dagger earrings

item under $50 on Helpsy:
two lost souls dinoplanters

fashion designer:
i love them all equally on the site. off the site, i really don’t have one. maybe stella mccartney.

shoe designer:

handbag designer :
freedom of animals

t-shirt designer:
katherine hamnett

sneaker brand:
nike for looks, brooks for running/performance

kiehls orignal musk w/ le labo sandal at the same time– i like to smell like a powerful dude

beauty products:
too many to list — i’m recently into osea malibu products— all vegan and natural.

a hodge podge of high and low. always switching it up. from mac to still to nyx . mullein and sparrow lip and cheek tint is a go-to.

nail color:
black or nude

hair products:
rahua — when i splurge. otherwise, whatever’s in the shower. also, bumble and bumble sea salt hairspray.

hair salon:
my bathroom feat. me (these days)

vacation spot:

i’m really not fancee. can’t remember the last time i stayed at a really nice hotel. i’m usually staying with friends when i go places.

jungle cafe in greenpoint, great vegan stuff




7 questions with rachel:

who is your hollywood crush?
chris pratt

how would you describe your style?
very…my own — very rihanna meets some folk singer from the 70s

what is your secret obsession?
how to keep my lips from being dry all the time

what was your childhood nickname?

biggest turn on:
talent, confidence, and pretty eyes

(fill in this sentence) if nobody ever found out we would…
never wear pants

(fill in this sentence) i would just about do anything for…
living a life that is completely of my own design and on my terms