profile: rick & kathy rose of roseark

they say the grass is always greener on the other side…right? well if the ‘other side’ for us native new yorkers is los angeles and the ‘grass’ is the super fab Roseark boutique then it’s way greener (we just switched to 1/2 decaf so not sure if that analogy makes any sense). needless to say, the deuxmoi gals absolutely love, love, love Roseark and its gallery of majestic merchandise.

we were first introduced to Rick and Kathy Rose’s sick curation of gorgina jewels when we were on the hunt for the perfect shark tooth necklace to deck our neck and their boutique was originally called Kaviar and Kind. this was years ago, before every shark this side of the atlantic and pacific were unwillingly offering their bicuspids for human adornment. so to say that Rick and Kathy were radical in offering their customers this trend long before it even became a trend would be an understatement (oh, btw we did wind up purchasing a beautiful, delicate gold dipped shark tooth necklace that we still wear on the reg).

today, the founders of Roseark, Rick and Kathy Rose (who are business partners, friends, ex-spouses, co-parents and life partners…sorry gwyneth, looks like these two knew how to successfully consciously uncouple first), offer a total lifestyle experience at their boutique; exhibiting fine jewelry, art, home furnishings, couture clothing, handbags and other one-of-a-kind luxuries. in addition to the roster of wonderful artists and designers from around the world that are sold at Roseark, Rick and Kathy are amazing designers in their own right. both Rick and Kathy boast an impressive background in jewelry and clothing design drawing inspiration from life, nature, spirit and travel. Kathy has become known for her ability to bring these elements into elegant, wearable art. a journey down the nile inspired her famous signature piece, the snake cuff, which you have no doubt seen on the wrist of your favorite celeb (like the shark tooth necklace, we swear on chanel that these two started the resurgence of this jewelry trend years ago). see a sample of the beautiful jewelry Roseark has to offer and learn more about Rick and Kathy below. if you live in cali make sure to stop by the Roseark boutique (by appointment only) for a truly unique retail experience or you can shop Roseark here

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rick & kathy’s favorites:

jewlery designer sole at Roseark:
r: Kathy Rose
k: so many favorites at Roseark…i love Rick Rose’s designs…innovative…so different and incredible…Saffron ring-out of this world for me…everyone at Roseark is magic…from Jill Platner, Hanut Singh, Karma El-Khalil, Daniela Villegas, Jill Hoffmeister, Elisabeth Bell, Stormie, Abraxas Rex and more..i am blessed to be working with these artists everyday.

personal piece of jewelry you own:
r: first ring i designed
k: ughh!! so hard! dozen roses necklace from my kids that rick designed

sentimental piece of jewelry you own:
r: my grandfather’s id bracelet from the korean war
k: my Karma El-Khalil body chain with my kids names on it…i live in it

type of jewelry to receive as a gift:
r: watch, cuff links, tie bar
k: ohhhhh..i love jewelry…i love gifts…i always love a bracelet that I can add to my arm ‘story’

type of jewelry to give as a gift:
r: my designs
k: i love giving a snake cuff as a gift. they were my first designs…fun and easy…elegant and classic…easy to add and layer on the writs…simple, classic, elegant and you can add more to them later

latest jewelry trend:
r: colored stones
k: ear cuffs. i love them! Jill Hoffmeister, designer and friend, was one of the first to design one of these magical ear cuffs. i was in awe…

piece of jewelry you fantasize about owning:
r: since i design, it’s more about what can be. finding great stones and crafting homes for them.
k: i fantasize about owning…ohhhhh…been dreaming about a HUCKLEBERRY diamond horseshoe ring… classic…first world problems 😉

r: todd snyder
k: fauxtale and taiana design…the most amazing aesthetic, eye and design…these two designers inspire me…move me…love everything they do

shoe designer:
r: george viagos
k: anine bing

handbag designer:
r: tom ford
k: mulberry/burberry

t-shirt deisgner:
r: j press york street
k: capstone couture

sneaker brand:
r: nike, common projects
k: salomon trail shoes…the best

r: le labo
k: l’oeil du vert perfume…anything from this line

beauty products:
r: kyoku
k: anything from gina marie skincare and michelle peck

k: tom ford

nail color:
r: bright, happy colors
k: deborah lippmann in happy birthday

hair product:
r: imperial barber products (shameless plug since i did a campaign for them)
k: charmsies and anything from kiara bailey

hair salon:
r: andy lecompte
k: andy lecompte

vacation spot:
r: have to be able to retreat in my mind
k: hawaii

r: colony palms and beach house
k: colony palms and soho house

r: soho house and bestia
k: republique and bestia

k: and the app;;;;

r: ad
k: foam magazine and all hallow magazine

housewarming gift:
r: vino
k: ahura bells and mary ellen loc handmade eagle cards (they take my breath away)…and silk by bryony scarves…best gifts

r: roseark saffron rose scent
k: roseark saffron rose scent

r: all apple products
k: back up battery for iphone

r: clothes, shoes and art
k: art


7 questions with rick & kathy:

who is your hollywood crush?
r: our celeb clients
k: marisa tomei

how would you describe your style?
r: my style is my own. i tailor everything for my body.
k: always depends on my mood…daily. i throw it on usually in ten minutes…eclectic? lol…

what is your secret obsession?
r: history, for a better understanding of where we come from
k: the stars…galaxies…everything above…NASA. but it’s no secret 😉

what was your childhood nickname?
r: i was an athlete and had a bunch of nicknames…superman, rose, slick, fox, elvis, riro
k: nicknames i had: champ, kat, kata yuni, purp, purpsicle, purpi, purplex

what is your biggest turn on?
r: my biggest turn on is life; that sounds really pretentious! still i get up each day thankful for all.
k: honesty & generosity

how would you fill in this sentence?…if nobody ever found out I would…
r: still keep it a secret
k: i still wouldn’t do it 😉

how would you fill in this sentence?…i would just about do anything for…
r: my kids
k: my kids