profile: valentina zelyaeva

j’adore valentina zelyaeva…not only is this women model management face one of the most gorgeous models in the business, but she is just as beautiful on the inside. we are always in awe of how her skin glows, her hair shines and her body looks. valentina, who is the face of ralph lauren, was gracious enough to invite the deuxmoi gals into her home and share her favorites as well as her beauty and health secrets. check out valentina’s favorites below…

all photos by deuxmoi
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valentina’s favorites:
classic- celery, apple, cucumber, kale
1 papaya, 1 banana, 2 honey crisp apples, water
chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds
just blend water with hemp seeds to create a creamy hemp milk that’s great in coffee
food to cook:
breakfast: organic eggs sunny side up, with rayo de sol gluten free bread, and 1/2 an avocado or dr. cow instant quinoa with almond milk, banana, blueberries, and honey
lunch: vegan stew from alicia silverstone’s cookbook
dinner: a big salad made of kale, tomatoes, other vegetables, and organic wild atlantic dusle (which is great for hair)
protein mix:
sunwarrior vanilla vegan/raw/soy free mix from whole foods
healthy dessert:
dark chocolate
health secret:
whenever you think you are hungry, drink a large glass of water. wait ten minutes and see if you are still feeling hungry. most of the time we are just thirsty and confusing it for hunger
ralph lauren
shoe designer:
ralph lauren
sneaker brand:
i don’t use perfume…i use rose essential oil from whole foods
anything with beeswax because it produces negative ions which is good for energy
beauty product:
exfoliator: simply divine botanicals- honey i shrunk the pores skin polish (everyday)
day cream: silicium wild rose masque (in morning)
night: tarte- pure maracuja oil (at night)
body moisturizer: sunfood mdm body lotion and jojoba oil
beauty routine:
1. dry brush before wetting face
2. spray face with avene thermal spring water spray
3. wipe
4. apply cream
laura mercier concealer, eyelash curler, rms beauty lip shine in bloom on lips and cheek
hair product:
solar recover save your hair dry hair, spray, then style with your fingers
hair salon:
i don’t go to salons…robert mefford colors my hair at my home
nail color:
samoan sand by o.p.i.
t-shirt brand:
james perse
cartier engagement ring
greenstar juicer and blendtec blender
body treatments at the spa
vacation spot: