profile: yana karpova

we always wonder what other people, especially models, carry around in those bags of theirs. so we surprised the gorgeous img model, yana karpova, by asking her to give us a peek into her givenchy pandora bag. most of the products found in her bag came from this awesome health store live + live organic on the lower east side. once a month you can sign up for a live blood analysis with rick panson there. he gives you an analysis of the best and worst things for your body based on your blood type. check out what we found in yana’s bag below…

all photos by deuxmoi

1. oats– i add hot water mixed with a pinch of pink himalayan salt for a good breakfast
2. barlean’s flasxeed oil– i add this to my oatmeal for some omega 3 (healthy fat)
3. live live chlorella tablets– chlorophyll helps cleanse the body and fight infection
4. plasma ph drops– makes water alkaline and flushes out acid
5. pencil– good little trick to keep hair up without damaging it with a clip or elastic
6. thinkthin bar– something sweet with no sugar
7. burt’s bees beeswax lip balm– natural lip balm keeps my lips moisturized
8. traditional medicinals organic ginger tea– helps with digestion
9. crystal ally natural deodorant spray– no chemicals. purchased this at one of my favorite places live live in nyc
10. vichy thermal water spray– keeps my face moisturized
11. juara facial cream– natural black tea rice facial moisturizer that smells amazing