SUSH (stuff u should have)…vintage edition by jasmine chess

Jasmine Chess is the founder of Vetta Vintage, an e-commerce site, that bridges the gap between high-end designer vintage and one of a kind pieces. From decades old designer goods to rock and roll tees, Jasmine infuses her love of fashion and music icons into the style she brings to life on her site.

Jasmine talks VINTAGE SUSH – the vintage staples every woman should own and shows us some of her #VERYVETTA pieces from

“Vintage is a subtle, unfussy, classy way to bring some character to your wardrobe. You can evoke emotion, feeling and style from different times in history, all while being very current. We are all one of a kind so why not dress like it?!”

– Jasmine Chess

Well we heart vintage and when we recently had drinks with Jasmine she was so animated and passionate about her work that we obvi heart’ed her too. And let us tell you…girlfriend knows her shit! Oh, also for those of you who think “vintage” is just another word for “old” then you have obviously never laid eyes on an original Chanel jacket made of fluid, malleable wool jersey adorned with lion head buttons (because Coco was a Leo)–that’s called HISTORY.

Thank you, you’re welcome, bye.

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 5.07.23 PM

1. Vintage Levi’s: No one’s closet is complete without a pair of these vintage classics. High waisted, with a variety of pefect washes, nothing makes those buns look better.

2. Vintage Rock Tee: From concert tees like the Stones, to biker chicks in Harley tees, every girl needs a vintage tee…You can pair them with jeans or fancy skirts, I promise the paper thin material and cool history will make you feel like a rock star! Jasmine Chess seen here with Vetta Vintage skirt and top at “A CURRENT AFFAIR” (to buy visit Vetta Vintage or 1stdibs)

3. A vintage statement dress: No free people here, give me anything see-thru and authentic…very 1970s, and perfectly on trend for fall, can be worn sexy or sweet (available on 1stdibs).

4. Vintage Chanel Bag: They just don’t make CC bags like they used to (similar styles available on Vetta Vintage or 1stdibs).

5. Chic 1970s bohemian hippie fashion trends: Crochet dresses & lace blouses…could be very Ali Macgraw or Joni Mitchell. Both are staples that can be worn dressed up and down, perfect for day to night.

6. Vintage Chanel Jacket: Owning a perfect blazer is key why not make it CC and vintage?! (seen here in black & red)

7. Vintage Pucci Dress: For a fun whimsical look go for the Pucci! (available on Vetta Vintage)

8. Vintage Ossie Clark Dress: The holy Mecca of vintage…Everyone just must own, bow down, and learn about Ossie (available on 1stdibs).

9. Vintage Alaia: ‘You don’t understand, this is an Alaia‘ ‘An a-what-a?‘…Trust Cher from Clueless, and me of course…Your wardrobe is not complete without one (shop for Alaia on Vetta Vintage or 1stdibs).