profile: amirah kassem of flour shop

when you first meet amirah kassem her gracious and friendly spirit makes you instantaneously feel warm and comfortable…but not in a betty crocker way, more like jade jagger with a kitchenaid mixer. the point is, the same love she exudes amirah puts into the food she creates. amirah, the founder and head Cheftress (did we just make up that word?) of Flour Shop, had a sample of her Mint Flourless Chocolate Cake in her bag and it was BOMB (btw, love a gal that carries treats in her purse). this thing literally melts in your mouth and every flavor…the mint…the chocolate…are so distinct, and taste so fresh, yet do not dominate one another. it’s evident that taste and quality are the #1 most important factors to amirah, which is why when creating her cake art, she never uses fondant. she’ll admit it…with the omission of fondant (she refers to it as wallpaper) her cakes aren’t perfect but that’s the beauty of her creations…she sculpts and paints everything by hand, which is way more baller.

amirah, who learned all about cooking and baking from her mom in mexico, has a background in fashion most recently working for BLK DNM by johan lindeberg. after making her now notorious cake balls for friends, word spread of these tasty sweets and people would come into BLK DNM looking for the “cake girl”. amirah loved seeing people’s reactions to what she was creating so she started selling her goods at cafe integral at american two shot in soho which eventually snowballed into Flour Shop. today, Flour Shop can be commissioned not only for baked goods, but for full course dinners prepared by amirah or she can be hired as the creative director for your dinner, where she will create and customize the whole dining experience; bringing to life anything you can possibly dream of complete with that ‘WOW’ factor. Flour Shop also has some sick collabs with artist baron von fancy and alison lou jewels coming up so look out for that. find out more about amirah, the girl who growing up was always told not to play with her food and now thats all she does, below…

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flour shop mcqueen cake

 all food photos provided by flour shop

amirah’s portraits:
flourist : Amirah Kassem
photographer : Henry Hargreaves
stylist : Juan Acosta
hair and makeup : Jakob Sherwood

amirah’s favorites:

meal prepared for a client:
1st coursesalad in a heart shape
2nd course-spinach soup with a heart shaped creme on top
3rd course-pizza with heart shaped pepperoni and chicken parmesan over pasta…all heart shaped
dessert-milkshakes rimmed with chocolate and heart shaped candies and cheesecake stuffed strawberries with a chocolate spoon

flavor of ice cream to make:
dulce de leche with salted roasted pecans

type of cake to make for a client:
rainbow cake…the outside is just plain with frosting. the best part is watching my client’s facial expression when they cut into it and see the rainbow cake which they were not expecting.

lime. it’s very subtle…has just enough citrus to cut the sugar.

cake flavor:
carrot cake and champagne cake

salted sugar cookie

guilt-less dessert:
mint flourless chocolate cake

bite-size dessert:
cake bites which i make in many different shapes. i love the idea of being able to mold these desserts into different shapes: a rose, a dinosaur, eggs, diamonds…and i use glitter and shimmer to decorate. 

food to prepare:
pizza. because you can make your own creation. all you need is good dough and fresh ingredients. you can form pizza into any shape, which i love.


pop rocks

fresh lemonade and chocolate milk

dream clients:
disney, barbie, dr. seuss and lil’ wayne

johan lindeberg (blk dnm) but i also love a contrast and how girly miu miu is…it makes me want to put sparkles on my cakes.

shoe designer:
i love shoes and it changes every season but if i had to pick an actual shoe designer i’d say church’s.

handbag designer:

sneaker brand:
kenzo x vans (such a great collab!)

jo malone “nectarine blossom and honey” and my night time one is tom ford musk pure.

beauty product:

vacation spot:

ride there:
space mountain

le bernardin

place to shop:
fao schwarz, dylan’s candy bar, william sonoma, paper presentation on w. 18th and balloon saloon

i am always carrying around homemade treats in my bag and my diamond ring my grandfather gave me when i was born…i’ve had it expanded as i got older, so i’ve worn it my whole life.

my popsicle maker…makes popsicles in 7 minutes. no one likes waiting for a popsicle to freeze.

housewarming gift:
ceramic knives…everyone needs good knives and these are sharp and look pretty.


4 questions with amirah:

what’s your secret obsession?
signing country music while baking…super loud

who is your hollywood crush?
elvis presley…we share the same birthday

how would you fill in this sentence?…“i would do just about anything for…”
15 minutes with warhol

how would you fill in this sentence?…“if no one found out i would…”
bake in high heels and a full look