the pro’s 411…angie vs. jen

we are getting in our time machines and heading back to 2004/2005 to resurrect the fued between jennifer aniston and angelina jolie, except this time brad pitt isn’t involved. we are talking strictly beauty…who has it going on above the shoulders? angie? or jen? whomever team you are on we broke down their fav beauty products below. i mean these two don’t make millions for their theatrical skills so they must be doing something right. (product information from in touch & in style magazines)

jen-aniston. products

1. dr. hauschka’s moisturizing day cream $42.02

2. benefit ‘hello flawless!’   $34

3. mila moursi rejuvenating serum  $350

4. neutrogena facial cleasing bar $2.49

Angelina Jolie

1. chantecaille ‘brilliant’ gloss $33

2. cle de peau concealer $70

3. pequi oil treatment $32

4. colbert m.d. nutrify & protect $100