the pro’s 411…flower cosmetics

we love everything and anything drew barrymore so when she announced she was creating a cosmetic line last year we were like “yay!” but then we found out it was to be sold exclusively at walmart and we were like “ew”. because how good can ‘drug store’ makeup be? we resisted for a long ass time then finally succumbed to our curiosity and went to (because were the hell is there an actual walmart store??) and purchased some FLOWER beauty. shocking…we actually loved, loved, loved it. our favs being :

Shine On Lip Gloss Wand in Nude Nectar…maybe the best lip gloss we have ever purchased in the most perfect shade of nude. think more chic and natural, less j.lo a la jenny from the block. also, it’s not sticky and the application is smooth and moisturizing; Secret Service Cover Up Concealer…if we could slather this all over our face we would. it’s creamy, not dry, blends beautifully and has great coverage for a wand concealer. it covered up blemishes amazingly and is also a great base before applying the brightening concealer; Lighten Up! Brightening Concealer Click Pen…this little baby did the trick the next morning after we stayed up really late watching the season premiere of housewives of nyc three times in a row. it really does brighten up your eyes without making you look like a nasty raccoon…. added bonus, everything in the line is like less than 20 bucks so it’s basically free. go to your local walmart (if you could find one) or to purchase.

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