the pro’s 411…hangover heaven

HALLE-FUCKING-LUJAH…finally someone has come to their senses and created something necessary in this world…

“Hangover Heaven is the first and only medical clinic dedicated to curing hangovers…Our hangover treatments can get you back to your vacation or busy day quickly. Developed by Dr. Jason Burke, Hangover Heaven is a revolutionary new treatment that can cure your hangover in less than 45 minutes. Hangover Heaven involves placing a small IV in your arm to give you the necessary treatment to continue the party or just get back to your normal self. We use small Pediatric IVs and numbing medicine to make the process very comfortable.”

oh and all this takes place on a phat tricked out bus (see pic below). currently this ride is only avail in las vegas (obvs choice) but the rest of the world needs this miracle on wheels…doc burke, do you hear us??!? please come to nyc. in the meantime you can purchase dr. burke’s hangover support supplement here

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 3.38.40 PM