the pro’s 411…how to not pathetically pine over an ex by Paul Johnson Calderon

whether we love to torture them, or continue to let them back into our lives, some exes have a way of adhering to our psyche and human tendency to cling to the past.  by past i am referring, in this case, to those glimmers of hope: the “good times.”

but how far is too far with an ex?  overzealous psychos may actually believe that they can win back the affections of love lost.  the flip side of that being those maniac borderline stalkers who keep coming back in hopes of more.  but how much more can we possibly give.  whether we chose to end the relationship for whatever reason, or have our hearts broken being dumped via text or email, some of us cannot escape those gorgeous ghosts from the past.

it has been my experience that relations with an ex are relative to the nature of the relationship.  a relationship gone with the wind is hardly the place to find happiness, right? i’ll admit, there’s something comfortable about the familiar. not to mention, should you choose to sleep with an ex, your number remains the same.  however, if you were (are) emotional attached, hooking up with an ex is a disaster waiting to happen. (especially if you’re a disaster waiting to happen).

my advice: put down the pills and the bottle of wine, and your more importantly, your phone, and get to know yourself betwixt relationships.  there are plenty of fish in the sea…even if it seems like they’re all either married, insane, pervs, circus clowns, gay or otherwise taken. (that said, if you’re gay, it’s important that they be too).  have faith in the fact that being your truest self will attract the perfect partner.  he’s out there, girls and boys.  and you’re young and pretty (i hope), so…you’ll be just fine. keep telling yourself that, even if it’s completely delusional and nonsensical.  and, in the meantime, should that fiery urge arise from within (please note that should said fiery sensation occur while peeing, see a doctor immediately), there’s always your favorite ex or favorite ex to hate to keep you occupied in the bedroom until prince charming gallops up in his bentley and swoops you off your feet off into the (malibu) sunset.


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