the pro’s 411…hypercolor by anastasia beverly hills

in honor of last week’s met ball, and unlike the gorginas and ferocia’s of the fashion world who pretended to be punk, we actually took it there. we’ve tried non-permanent hair color before and let us tell you…Hypercolor by Anastasia Beverly Hills is tight. it’s easy to apply, stays on your hair and is available in the best colors. Hypercolor can also be used on your eyebrows (btw Anastasia is a super foxy eyebrow shaping expert) as well so unleash your innner rainbow brite and do yourself a favor and try the best temporary hair color on the market. go to for more info and see our step-by-step application of Hypercolor below…

Hypercolor in pink and purple

first apply pomade or paste to the area of hair you want to color. we found ojon conditioning finishing paste to work perfectly.

slide the Hypercolor disc up and down the section of hair you are coloring. you will have to repeat this step a couple of times depending on the thickness of hair you are coloring. tip: wear an old t-shirt while doing this because the color will sprinkle

done! finish by setting color with hairspray and you have a super chic addition to your tresses that washes out in 2 to 3 shampoos.