the pro’s 411…smell bent

As lovers of all things fragrant, the deuxmoi gals fancy themselves a bit of  a le nez which is French for “a nose”. To fragrance industry peeps this implies that we have a fine sense of smell and knowledge of a large variety of fragrance ingredients…not to toot our own horn or anything.

We first discovered Smell Bent perfume six years ago and instantly fell in love with what is now one of our all time favorite scents, St. Tropez Dispenser. This scent is simply described as “sunscreen on the beach” but it should be redefined as “vacation in a bottle” because one spritz instantly transports you to your fave vacation locale. Smell Bent is a LA-based perfume house creating distinctive fragrances that are hand-blended using the world’s finest ingredients. With whimsical names like Little Miss Panda Gets Lei’d, Hungry Hungry Hippies and Walk of Shame, these scents not only smell unique but they are super fun!

We are so pumped to announce our collaboration with Smell Bent on our deuxmoi signature scent, Fashiony. Fashiony has notes of the inside of a designer handbag…crumpled 20s, creamy lipstick, and zippers against the scent of expensive suede. We’d like to give a special shout out to Smell Bent creator, Brent (see cutie below) on creating this scent for us. We are honored to be immortalized by our favorite perfumery. To purchase Fashiony and all other Smell Bent scents click here: Smell Bent

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