the pro’s 411…viviscal


ok, so viviscal was part of a SUSH way back when, but this stuff is too good to sleep on so we wanted to give it more airtime…

this magic beauty pill came into our lives after one of our favorite models was telling us how she had to chop off five inches of her wig due to hair damage from fashion week…that is NOT ok. if we chopped off 5 inches we would basically be bald. luckily, she wasn’t. anyway, she started popping viviscal and after 4 months her hair had pretty much grown back. so magical. we obviously couldn’t wait to try it. both deuxmoi gals have been taking these hair pills for close to a year now…it has changed our lives. not only is it helping us achieve our below our boob hair status, but it’s also making our hair fuller and softer.

purchase this miracle drug at or at your local CVS. get on this.